To hold the commitment with employees in the regards of health and safety, MetroCem Steel follows a specific set of guidelines and procedures. Most of these are detailed herewith.


- Manufacturing process is focused on assuring all the quality & safety standard from separate organizations

- Use of dust collector for reducing dust to the air

- Use of state of the art technologies assure less air & sound pollution in the manufacturing facilities.

- Use of low emission machineries assure low emission of toxic gases & protects the environment.


- Occupational Hazard and Prevention related knowledge is regularly propagated by professionals

- Plant Physician is available for immediate medical consultation


- Mandatory usage of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the plant premises

- Risk assessments in every facets of operation, followed by devising and training of Safe Operative Procedures (SOP) in observance with Mandatory Operative Procedures (MOP)

- Accident prevention checklist and tools in various activities and their availability to ensure safety

- Practice of reporting "Near Miss Hazard Alert", detecting unsafe doings and settings to avoid accidents/incidents

- Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to investigate incidents to gain insights for much safer operations

- Fire Prevention and Emergency Response drills and awareness training

- Safety awareness programs for haulers- truck drivers/helpers, barge operators and labors